PRS Archive Guitars

For anyone on the fence about Experience, just know...they have put some of these guitars on display there.

Of course! They might need the one thats in the Smithsonian museum
Here is a video featuring the two guitars built by Paul that launched the PRS Guitars company. Paul built these guitars in 1984. He traveled around to various guitars shops trying to drum up enough orders to start a factory. He came home with $300,000 worth of orders, but he lacked start-up capital. He found private investors who believed in a young, unknown, guitar maker from Annapolis Maryland. Paul rented a building, made jigs and fixtures, hired a staff and started building guitars in 1985. The rest is truly history!

wow. this is awesome...!! thanks for sharing
I have a 1959 Les Paul Junior that I dearly love. I'm DYING to hear these babies plugged in.

Hey all,

It was suggested that I do a series of videos about the guitars residing in the PRS Archives. So as I find time in my schedule, I'll create short videos featuring different guitars in the collection. I'll post the videos here and I'll try to answer any questions you might have about the instruments.

I'm going to start at the beginning. These are the first two guitars built by Paul. The single cutaway model is #1 and it started out as a class project while in his freshman year at college. He was 18 years old! The double cutaway (#2) followed shortly after. As Paul likes to say, "When people first learn to play the guitar, they play covers of other people's music." When he first started building guitars, he was making covers of other people's guitars.


Whoa! I just got wood! Sweetness of the old loved guitars.

So we'll see these firebrand rip off reissues out soon? Just kidding they are beautiful... I seriously want both of them. :) Maybe if I sold off my soul to Paul, he might consider giving these up? Im not worthy...Seriously that was really cool to see number 1 and 2. Its like vintage Paul? I guess we should call them "THE PAUL" and sue Gibson? :) Les who? Here are the real Pauls. Exquisite craftsmanship. Id love to plug them both in right now! Why didn't you? What was that the teaser? Thanks a lot !
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How many of you have a PRS from within the first 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

My first is a 97 model Custom 22, so 12 years or so after production started


I have a 2000 Custom 22 in dark cherry burst. Never thought about it being a classic now... I guess she is. I just love her!

Love this thread too, can't wait to see more vids!
I'm not sure who to contact at PRS that works in approving stores to be authorized dealers. A few of us on the PRS GOW Facebook group have encountered a snake of a dealer who is a bold faced liar and has been caught lying to potential buyers. This is a link to the group post on this topic but I would like to talk to someone at PRS about this guy.

This is totally the right place to post about a dumpster fire on Facebook.