PRS and Dimarzio - a great match for me.


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Apr 21, 2014
Vancouver BC
I think I've got a great combo, a particularly bright sounding PRS CU22 (2002), a Wald Electronics preamp and the Dimarzio Dual Sound stuck between a Bare Knuckles Stormy Monday and a PRS Dragon II Bass pickup. My pick-up settings through the 6 minutes of playing are exclusively on the Dual Sound or the Dual Sound mixed with the Dragon II in and out of single coil modes- except at 3:54 where I switch on the Dragon II by accident.​

This particular pick-up also has some really acoustic like qualities. Really bell like. - and I think the real magic of the pick-up is how it interacts with Wald onboard preamp to get those amazing clean tones.

I'm playing through my 73 Vibrolux.



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The Dimarzio Dual Sound was my bridge pickup for a few decades. I remember buying it at Sam Ash dropping it in to my LP and spending a few years playing with it's different sounds.
DiMarzio is great.

My USA CU24 and McCarty have stock pickups but my SE CU22 has Duncan Jazz/JB. A great thing for me personally as I didn't dig the stock SE CU22 pickups.

The DiMarzio Super Distortion and the Seymour Duncan JB really were at the start of the whole aftermarket pickup thing. Both have a lot of punch and really pummel the front end of the amp. I'm a vintagey output guy but have a couple guitars with high output pups for my 80s hard rock gigs.

The Dual Sound (basically a tappable Super Distortion) was the pickup of choice for both Don Barnes and Jeff Carlisi of .38 Special - a band I really love and the tones they got were killer.
Had a great old LP that I put dual sounds in :) all the setting that you could do was killer
And the funny thing was splitting the coils wasn't it's original intent but was wired to switch between series and parallel, something that it did very well. I finally retired my Dual Sound when Duncan came out with the P-Rails and the Triple Shot pickup ring.
Sounds great and very cool that you found something that works for you. I recently put DiMarzio's into my Mira (Super Distortion bridge and PAF Pro neck) and I am beyond pleased with the result.
If I was to stick a Dimarzio humbucker into anything, it'd be the Dual Sound (or the Super Distortion, which was originally the same pickup but without a coil split; today the two are identical). I've got Dimarzio stacked single coils in my strat, and I'll be danged if the Area 67 isn't the best neck pickup I've ever heard.

Nice tone, and I really dig that riff you're playing.
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I've had a Bernie for about 2 years now. The stock bridge PU has been fine, however the neck can get a bit muddy at times. I was thinking about swapping out the stock 245 SEs for a pair of Dimarzio 36th Ann. PAFS. Anyone else made this swap already? How'd it work out?
I'm planning to put a pair of Illuminators into my P22
(if I get this magnet flipping issue right)
Hey, thanks for that Les. Variety is the spice of life. Experimenting with pickups is just another adventure. Looks like I'm not the only one liking the Super Distortion. It's a funny name for a pickup that sounds so good clean!

I'm liking the Area 58's in my USA Stratocaster as well, but not as much as the SDS-1. Liked that one do much I routed a spot for it in my PRS Torero. I'm guessing SDS is code for Super Distortion Single. Might be wrong.