PRS Amps - what features would you add?


Knows the Drill
May 4, 2012
West Michigan
With a couple threads going about "what guitar would you release" and so on (really fun threads by the way, I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts), and with the thread about the GSA 50 (also very cool), I was thinking, what would all of you like to see on a PRS amp for additional features? Take any model offered and trick that bad boy out. Here's mine:

2 Channel C or H
Global footswitchable volume boost
Reverb w/pull for rhythm channel only (have to hand it to Guitar Sanctuary, those last two were great ideas)
Low power switch - 5 or 15 watts
And, just for fun, 20th Anniversary birds going across the faceplate

Ok, let's hear 'em!!!
power scaling is the biggest for me. I've played several of the PRS amps, but haven't committed, yet. I love the tone on the Sweet 16, but It not enough for some gigs. 40-50 watts are too much for some gigs and rehearsals. I played a Sweet 16+ the other day and loved it. If it had some viable power scaling, it'd be with me today!
It's funny. With most amps, I could add a bell or whistle I'd like. But ever since I started working with the HX/DA, I've come to appreciate its single-channel simplicity and ease of setting up. It's also the first amp I've owned that didn't need a half power switch -- the master just works.

So...I can't think of a darn thing. And I've really tried!

Maybe a PRS accessory cover or clamshell style bag for it...
I think a cool mod wood me a foot switchable gain boost for the MDT... or maybe a footswitch to go between the DA nad HX modes of the HX/DA. Also if they could make all their amps available in all of the following cfgs. Head, 1x12,2x12, and 4x10 combos.

I think about this stuff all the time and everytime I visit Doug in MD, I see what he is working on and I am totally blown away..

Maybe they should list all of the one off options that they do for CAD and the special Store options...
... or maybe a footswitch to go between the DA nad HX modes of the HX/DA.

Thing is, there are three switches that make it progressively go from one to the other. So you'd really need a triple switch, or at least something that could handle Mesa-style relays.

I have no idea whether that kind of wiring might affect the tone or configuration of the amp.