PRS 59/09's


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May 5, 2012
Midlothian, IL
Hey everyone,

There is a seller on Craigslist that has a set of 59/09 uncovered pickups for sale. He has the PRS boxes that they came in as well. I am wondering what the bottom of the pickup is supposed to look like so that I am getting the actual pickups and not being scammed. Can anyone help with info or photos. It would be appreciated.

I've got some pics i can dig up, but there are a couple variations of the stickers on the bottom. Either the white label or the black the gold trim label that's on the newer ones. If they came out of a Custom 24 it's probably the latter. The earlier covered versions I've have had the white label.
Great...thanks for that. I have seen three different labels so far. Just making sure these are the real deal.
BTW, GREAT PICKUPS!! Had them in a CU24 and they were just so perfect! Tele (coil tapped) to Les Paul tones...
Perfect Canadian PRSGUY. These are the real 59/09's then that are being sold. I am getting these for a steal and cannot pass this up. Should have them by the end of next week!
They are going into a Custom 24 that currently has the HFS/VB with a rotary. I am thinking of switching it over to a 3 way unless anyone can comment on 59/09's with a 5 way rotary tones.