Proverbile SAS question...


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Aug 20, 2012
I think we've all seen this question one time or another, but the available pickup choices have changed as well.

What is the ideal set of pickups for a 5 way blade Swamp Ash Special (2007-ish).

I know that's kinda subjective...

I had thought of DGTs for a while, but I don't think I can get those from the PTC anymore.

Anyway, I've got 57/08s, 59/09s, two sets of 53/10s - my goal is to get a difference in tone beyond (or perhaps beyond isn't the best word) the afore mentioned PRS PAF types.

I'd like to not get a volume drop when tapped, and also still get some fender-ish plunkiness.

Should I go the unbucker route, or might there still be something still in the PRS inventory to satisfy my wishes?...

Even the 22 special sounded better than my SAS, is just sounds so bleh... (it doesn't appear to be pickup height, btw)

I don't think the 245s in the special would be my best option.

This is my lowest tier PRS, but it seems to be the one I'm most obsessed with - probably 'cause the others sound great!

Any thoughts would be appreciated...

Happy New Year...

I vote for 5708s and a Fralin in the middle ... and the Fralin is the most important of the three. I had PTC do it a couple years ago for me. I believe the Fralin is whatever PRS used in the 12 String. Sounds great ...

I had the PTC install the 53/10's as soon as they were available in my SAS and extremely pleased with the results. I might have to land a Fralin for the middle position though.

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My experience, ymmv.

59/09's: bridge dirty was nice, but seemed tight/polite. Neck dirty was muddy. Clean, both pickups were, well, clean

Starla: i dug this one. Neck was very clean and not vintagey. Bridge had all kinds of power, if not even a hint of too much presence.

245: bridge was quite ballsey and impactful, whereas the neck was muddy. I wasnt a fan because i lost all quack

McCarty: neck covered a lot of ground, but nothing spectacular. Bridge was very ballsey but lost quack

DGT: neck was nice and clean and it split well. Bridge had serious balls

Mira: neck broke up too much for my taste. Bridge was very hot and ballsey with a weird bite to it
Since you have the 57/08, 59/09 and 53/10 territory covered pretty well, I would suggest going in a different direction. Have you considered the Tremonti pups? They are very clear and multidimensional sounding. Yeah they will tear it up when used with a lot of gain, but they clean up very nicely and will provide the spanky single coil sounds you are looking for.
Tremonti in a SAS

Well that's certainly a horse of a different color!

I've actually got a new in box bridge 250 and Tremonti, I think the neck is a Tremonti (but could be a 250).

Anyway, what do you think on the single coil? I've got a 12 string, so from what little I know, I think that fralin might get lost in the mix with the above p'ups.

While we're on the ceramic trail, what about the HFS/VB? Position 4 out of 5 (on a 1987 rotary) gave me a great plucky strat tone

Would all these different combinations work well (or at least properly) with the 5-way blade and the push/pull?

Thanks Shawn, et al.