Problem with rotary switch 1999 CU24


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Jul 16, 2013
Hello, it's been a long time since I've been on the forum!

I have a 1999 Custom 24 that I, in my wisdom of years past, decided to swap out the rotary switch for a standard 3-way toggle and some push-pull pots. I saved everything from the original wiring. I recently decided it would be nice to make the guitar "stock" again and ran into a problem. I can't get the treble side of the rotary switch to work. I get no sound at all in 2 positions. The other pickup works in 3 positions & sounds like its supposed to. Troubleshooting-wise, I ensured that both pickups work out of the circuit, and attemped to test continuity between the pickup connection points on the switch and various points on the back of the circuit board. I'm getting continuity to some of the points (depending on switch position), but I really don't know what I'm looking for.

I realize this is a 25 year old component and it just may not be 100% anymore. The board does not look fried from over-soldering or damaged in any way that I can see. Any suggestions at all to try and rescue this configuration (without buying a replacement at $130) would be appreciated!
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I hope you took a pic before you removed the switch. I had a problem years ago, and because I didn’t take a pic, I didn’t know the sequences for the wiring. I wound up calling PRS, and they sent me a diagram, but it was for the current rotary at that time. There were many. Changes over the years, so my advice is to call them asap, and tell them the year of your guitars, and take it from there…hope this helps…good luck!