Problem with Grover 406c


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Oct 25, 2012
I recently upgraded my SE custom 24 with the Grover 406c. I love them except I keep breaking the first string after light trem use. I've gone though 5 new sets after about an hours worth of play time. The strings always break at the tuner post. Has anyone else had this problem or have any recommendations?
Get a needle file and round the edge of the hole in the tuner post a little.

Or... go back to the PRS tuners. :)
I have had a similar problem with the non-PRS Gotoh locking tuners that share the same basic design. I would check to make sure there are no burrs in the hole of the tuner, and if so use a jewelers file LIGHTLY to smooth things down. It is important to not over-tighten the the locking barrel so hard as to cause a crimp at the little pin that is under the barrel. Best of luck, it was an infuriating experience to snap through all those E strings.
Thanks everybody. I went ahead and lubed the nut and filed the tuner with a serrated knife sharpener. My guess is that it is similar to a file like was suggested, it seemed to work perfectly. In addition I decided to switch the E and G string tuners on the headstock. So far with a good jam session last night the E string held up. I'll keep you posted if I have additional problems.