Private Stock Friday

Perhaps they saw Sergio and I badmouthing the PS team for dropping customized specs as an option over in another thread and figured "screw it"...:(

Sorry guys, if this is truly the case.
Highly unlikely. I don't know another company that cares more about what their customers think. If a business doesn't value their customers' opinions, they just don't last. So ***** away, man. The PS streamlining is understandable, though. Too bad it didn't really keep costs down. Remember the small batch PS runs from about a decade ago or so? Those were kick ass, and a relative bargain. Like a multidealer 10-guitar run with same specs, different colors.

This sort of PSF hiccup happened with the last changing of the guard. Who knows who will be next. How hard is it to post some f8cking pictures, though? Seems like whoever is running the PSF Europe thread on FB has some pics. Head scratcher???

Apologies for the delay. I got a new role here at PRS and I'm passing the torch to Regan, our social media coordinator. Fear not, the quality of the images are not gonna change. Keep an eye out for her in the upcoming posts. Here are the pictures from the last 2 weeks.