Private Stock Friday

That archtop!

Spent the last few days reading through this thread...some real jawdroppers on display here, not to mention a historical document of the past 11 years! I wish we'd seen the copper foil models in their finished state.

Someday I'd like to have PS of my own; if you think about it, if you saved around 50 dollars a week, one could save up enough in about 5 years (although in 5 years they might cost even more due to inflation). I'd love a CU24, with a DGT control layout, with a mix of birds at the 12th and 24th frets and moons for the others (I like subtle customization), Luminlay because I like things that glow in the dark. Now for the body...I really like the copper foil - after all, it was the CE24 in Blazing Copper that made me change my mind about PRS guitars (never got one though) - but I really like padauk and I've always wanted a guitar with a padauk top. The thing about padauk though, is that it looks great for about a year or two and then turns to a dark purple-ish brown shade. So it would have to have other things on the top that would still look nice but again, subtle. I like those Santana-style lines that wrap around the edges of the body. The back and neck woods would depend upon what would give the most balanced tone with padauk. The fretboard would defintely be Brazilian rosewood, though...I once had a guitar with a Brazilian board and let me tell you this, the hype is totally real (even though it clashes with my environmentalist side to want an endangered wood for just a guitar). Better than ebony if you ask me.