Private Stock Friday

simply beautiful!

BTW, do they start building the Private Stocks in sequential order? Mine is 10522, which is only a couple hundred after some of these...
Sort of sequential. Number is assigned when the build is commissioned, but they don’t necessarily get finished in that order.

You’re in the ballpark that it could show its face anytime.
Why don’t they do them in order?
Because every guitar takes a different amount of time to build and they are assigned their numbers at order time. It would be impossible to finish them in order considering some are more complex than others to make. Some people also change their orders prior to the build start, which can delay or speed up the build.
yeah I know it won't be finished in order, but I'm excited that there's some in the finishing stage not too far ahead of mine, so maybe mine has been started... Does anyone know if they start soon after the number is handed out? Or could it still be months afterwards... I expect at least a year and its only been a couple months so far...
Happy Private Stock Friday!

Yep. That’s why one-piece is overrated. :cool:
That is an amazing guitar but that's what scares me about ordering my own Private Stock instead of buying off the shelf. I would expect something like this and worry that it wouldn't be.