Private Stock Friday

yes, there is a lot of R&D (for lack of a better term) involved with creating a new stain color.

I think the better term is censured, having to deal with nuts like me who have a color in mind that reminds me of the tone others' speak about that they can hear in their heads. I can't do that, but I can envision colors that do not yet exist on the Private Stock palate.

You can thank me and the PS team for developing the first "Jade Glow". I recall the back and forth several times until we were able to finalize. Yes...they charge for developing new colors. Despite my claim that they owe me royalties for every "Jade Glow" sold after mine 2 years ago. Here is an example of the work in progress, along with the new one we are now developing.

Too light:


Getting closer:


Nah..too dark now:


By're almost there!


Nope....let's blend the other samples to get the proper burst effect:


Aha....this will do. However...if this is scrap....I wouldn't mind playing in the discard box


We are currently creating a new one....working title is "Pomegranate glow" but I am going to lobby for "Sexy Ginger" ;)

First attempt:


2nd try:


We are almost sample will have the requested "black border, that is darker than current exterior, maybe 1/8" to 1/4" which will then extend from the exterior inward toward the center with the current shades being replicated as shown above. The example above is almost perfect, with the requested "much darker tip of the exterior" currently being worked on.

Yes...there is lots of "R&D" which is a polite way of otherwise saying that we are "putting up with the crazy man who has this color in his head" and is trying to get it replicated as a new stain.

I also wouldn't mind owning the bodies that they use as scrap for stain development. Would probably exceed the industry standards of other guitar manufacturers.
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What a fantastic thread. Really enjoying this Shawn, thanks for keeping it going.
Thank you so much for this. Now I'm off to the bar to scheme ways to come up with enough to order a PS Pomegranate/Jade Glow burst SC HB with 408s and a piezo...
A killer production guitar awaiting 220 sanding


That's a crazy color - reminds me of the "Big Stick" Popsicle! "Production guitar" !? Wow - guessing from the switch lay out it's a 408?
Do we know which dealer it's bound for!? :D

Shawn - > Thanks for not leaving us hanging for a week. :top:
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Another Dave C stain creation

Aqua velvet burst??? That's a lot of holes, too...408 switching, piezo, volume, volume, tone...I'm still missing something

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