Private Stock CU24 Orianthi Blooming Lotus Glow LTD run

The finish is mind blowing and perfectly fits the spirit of the inlay which is amazing too

Like the graveyard II finish, it should not be available on any future private stock order, which defines the « limited »

Ironically this finish is quite trivial to do, so was the Graveyard II's.
Even more ironic is it's very close to a simulated color idea I toyed with the past couple months for an imminent order.
You just get it by 'rotating' (in GIMP) the color palette of a Laguna Dragon Breath towards blue/purple/pink:

I suspect they may indeed be stingy about it. I'll find out soon enough with the on-going quote for a build.
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That design makes total sense. Beautiful. Just want to stare at it.