Private Stock CU24 Orianthi Blooming Lotus Glow LTD run

Limited in time, so that naturally limits it in count somewhat.
But even so-called limited runs, like the 2019 MEV, could be ordered any day once the 'limited' run got released.

Ironically I always viewed PS runs as far less limited than doing our own build.
After a while on earth you come to know this. With the exception of natural materials that have become unavailable, limited really means unlimited.

That said, I love it when PRS announces a new limited run. It’s always so exciting!
The finish is mind blowing and perfectly fits the spirit of the inlay which is amazing too

Like the graveyard II finish, it should not be available on any future private stock order, which defines the « limited »

that would have been really cool to limit the finish and the inlay together to one year only and let the costumer select everything else: the model, the top (flame, quilt, burl), back and neck, the pickups … and then thats a private stock with an artist limited signature finish … i can imagine a 594 SC with that finish and inlays and with a graveyardy ash back and a flame neck (well in fact thats better its not possible ! But think about it for next time please !)
Love the finish! While the inlay work is certainly beautiful, it’s a bit too ornate and busy for my taste. Also would prefer a different carve vs pattern thin. That said, while it won’t fit my needs I’m sure it’ll be a winner for PRS. Congrats PS team!