Pre Factory Rosewood Fretboard Finish Repair?


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Mar 9, 2019
The finish on my 1989 Custom 24 rosewood fretboard has spots where years of play has created worn out spots on the fretboard. It appears to have worn through any finish that was applied by the factory. The finish is also lifting on the edges in some places. Is there a way to build up the finish on the worn spots without wrecking the existing finish? Should I strip the finish first? Is there a finish applied at the factory? What is it? Thanks.


"Pre factory" is eBay nonsense, and even if it were a real thing it would be before 1986. (See other thread here, started by a PRS employee)

Rosewood fingerboards aren't usually finished. Use some lemon oil or something similar (I use Ernie Ball fretboard conditioner wipes) and it'll get hydrated and take on a nice sheen again.

As far as the sides of the neck go, I guess you could have them refinished but I much prefer the feel or a worn in (or satin) neck.
Yeah, there is no finish on the face of the board, just on the sides. I see the fretwear too. Looks like a good candidate for a fret dress by the PTC and they can look at the sides as well. They will give you a quote if they think it's something needing work.
Any idea what type of finish PRS used on the fretboard edges / neck on a 1989 Custom 24?