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Jan 24, 2022
It’s time for me to seriously put together a practice routine. Over the course of 4 months I have found so many key items to help bump up my playing to new levels. I just need to fit this into to a time frame. I have been relentlessly watching Robert Baker videos on everything EVH. These are game changers. I need to be able to practice the songs on my set list as well. And I am right into improv. Blues. This takes time I realize but I have such a connection. I have to go with my gut feeling in this. I am right in the perfect mindset to learn more.
I have patience in spades but everything is dependant upon my hand. I am also working on two self composed songs. I play a lot by ear. Finally at that place where I can pick things off in a heartbeat. I love this skill. It has served me well.

I wish I seriously had 3 or 4 hours a day but I won’t have that kind of time. Back to work soon as well and then life will get crazier with my husbands upcoming surgery and his recovery time. Once again my work is offering me a modified work schedule so that I can come home if I have to.

Lots on my plate.

I just need some help and a few different pair of eyes with different opinions looking at things.

I need to clone myself!!
So, here’s a few things you could try.

Keep a cheapy guitar at work and use lunch break/down time to do some practice.

Set yourself small targets to begin with and build up gradually. Especially seeing as you’re in recovery.

Make it fun. Don’t make it all about technique, throw on some things you enjoy playing as a reward for practicing something that is more challenging.

Don’t try to hard to keep to a hard and fast schedule, because when you don’t manage to fulfill it, you’ll give yourself a hard time with is counter-intuitive to learning.

Remember the solo/chord sequence/riff that seems impossible one, will feel like a comfortable pair of shoes a couple of weeks down the line.
Keep a guitar at work? I wouldn’t even attempt to bring anything of significant value to my work place. No one has any respect but for themselves. I work with a bunch of narcissistic ppl. That’s why I am in disability as well. The toxicity is so thick. It’s like a chronic dense fog that you walk into. 14 1/2 months and counting.

I know exactly what I want to do. It’s the time factor. My plate is beyond full. I have so much ground to cover.


To improve improvisation - double stops, blending major and minor pentatonics in a harmonious way, tapping(octave as well), doing repetitive scale work to improve my speed, string skipping, raking, pinch harmonics etc

Practice my set list with the additions of new songs constantly being added.

Experimentation with achieving different tones with my amp that are conducive the songs at hand.

I know my basic theory. I would like to learn more about inverted chords triad inversions and anything else that could possibly enhance my skill set.

I want to be more confident in my ability to sound more articulate further up the key board. I tend to morph into that quiet kid in the corner when asked to do something. I want to come out with guns ablaze when I perform a solo. I want to own it and play like I mean it.

I have a 2 hour window in which to fit my practice routine into.

Something I also realized is that I have set my goals so damned high and expect perfection from myself. I learned that that I am just setting myself up for misery. I need to purge this mindset immediately. It’s taking me on an unnecessary ride down misery road. Done and done.

I have been watching Robert Bakers lessons on everything EVH. This is so exciting to be able to learns some of these skills and to be able implement in my playing.

I just want to up the anti with myself. That’s the only way for me to exceed significantly in my playing. I just know how much this will all add to my playing. I have all the tools I need. I have to figure out a time frame. But what do I spend more time on? Or how long do I practice something before I move on.

I could actually sit there and be quite content to improvise over a key and just be so curious about what works and what doesn’t. And there goes my 2 hours of allotted practice time. That’s exactly where I am having problems.
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To me, the biggest thing is to just have dedicated time set aside and stick to using it. Then the next thing is have a plan. Don't just set down and noodle on whatever comes to mind. You will get stuck in that and eventually be disappointed with the fact you are always playing the same things. If you have a plan you will be intentionally working on things that move you forward. This can be learning a new song or working on technique.

If you don't have a looper pedal or DAW where you can loop things, get one. To me, they are one of the best things a guitar player can own. When I was teaching I recommended that to everyone I was teaching. That way you can lay down a rhythm of how ever many chords you want to work with then work your new techniques over that. I even used a looper in some lessons to show how it can really help.

These things have worked for me in the past. This is the reason I have been thinking of finding an online course or something that is structured that I can work through to get me back into things and get my motivation up. I have been thinking of looking for a song writing course that would help me refresh things I already know as well as help me with finalizing some of the things I have started but never finished.
I have dedication, patience and motivation in spades. I have copious amounts of these three personality traits.

I am so excited about being able to play again. I am so grateful. This is for me personally the ultimate achievement of my life. Being a mom ranks up there right along with this. I will gladly sacrifice whatever it is that I have to in order to achieve these goals.
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Seeing your post above mine, be careful with the expectations. We learn different things at different rates. There may be something that you find very challenging that in your mind shouldn't be that hard. Just keep working at it. Don't put deadlines on yourself.

I would also recommend getting a good metronome if you don't have one. Those are great for working on speed. You can keep speeding it up little by little and see your progress.
But when you play in a band there are deadlines to meet. This is a part of the puzzle as well.
But are there really? These deadlines are usually self imposed and if being honest, are usually flexible. I have done the cover band thing most of my life. I tend to end up running them because I know how to manage projects in my day job.

When learning new songs, everyone doesn't learn their parts at the same speed. It will take someone longer to get it down. When everyone gets it down well enough that you can do a good job playing it together, you add it to the set list. You can't add it before then or you will sound terrible playing it and it won't go well for getting more bookings.

Be careful to not apply too much pressure on this. You want everyone to be able to learn how they need to do it and get it as good as they are capable of playing/singing it. One of the mistakes I have seen bands make is booking gigs before they are polished enough to put on a good show and sound good or adding songs before they can do them well. That puts bad performances in front of the people that hired you and will probably result in not getting booked there again. I have seen bands struggle for gigs due to that. They just needed more practice time.

Remember, not everyone has the same dedication level for practice and learning in a band context. This is why I start every band with a conversation about expectations. I let people tell me what their expectations are for the band and their part in it. If you have a big disparity between members on this foundational thing, the band will struggle and probably lose members or completely fail.
This band I am in is so highly dedicated to their craft. We are at the stage of gigging in the near future. We are all on the same level psychologically. These are our mutual expectations of each other. Be ready to play like you own it.

There is self imposed pressure that I place on myself. I don’t want to be the chink in the armour.

The most important factor is I need to lighten up and just be gentle with my hand. There’s nothing I wouldn’t love better then to be able to play a 4 or 5 hour marathon next Saturday just to practice and play. I have to respect my hand. Without it it I can’t play. That’s the shot of reality that I need to keep in my mind.
I would suggest that all short term goals be based around the recovery and rehabilitation of your wrist. Setting goals for advanced techniques and EVH like playing when you are coming off an injury may result in excessive frustration. I know you have said already Lola that you will respect the recovery process, but do NOT step on that hand's recovery based on other goals you may want to achieve.
I would suggest that all short term goals be based around the recovery and rehabilitation of your wrist. Setting goals for advanced techniques and EVH like playing when you are coming off an injury may result in excessive frustration. I know you have said already Lola that you will respect the recovery process, but do NOT step on that hand's recovery based on other goals you may want to achieve.

Just brilliant advice. I honestly want to push myself but to what avail? Risking an injury on top of another one will not happen. Day by day.

I am beyond the moon knowing that my injury could of been worse but wasn’t.

I am having so many thoughts about upcoming rehearsals and playing in general. Skipping around my house like a 5 year old. So full of happiness and hope. Life couldn’t get any better then this for me. I get to play again!!

Another factor is that all my guitars have 9/42 strings on them. I am going to go out on Monday and buy some 8’s and see where that leads.

Thank you everyone for your help.
You are my heroes!! ❤️❤️❤️
FYI, I tried 8's last year and the high E (pitch wise) string kept breaking on me. I usually break maybe two strings a year, and that is after they are a couple of months old and have hundreds of hours of play time. With those 8's, I was snapping them in days. Point is, don't buy a megapack of the 8's, give them a go with a couple of trial packs first ;~)) Love the wrist or you could be lifelong pissed!!!
@Moondog Wily that last statement really touched a nerve. That will become my mantra. I kid you not!!

I will do exactly what my doctor and physio guy tells me to do. I don’t have a choice!! I need to heed their advice.

Life is so fu$king fine. I couldn’t be happier.

I am so excited!!
The most important factor is I need to lighten up and just be gentle with my hand.
Before this injury, one of the first things I was going to recommend was a grip strength exerciser to strengthen your hands. After an injury, you'd have to start off with pretty light ones I'm assuming, but this is a good thing to build a little strength in the hands and fingers.

I'd also say, start working on your picking now to get a head start. Are you ready for a few exercises for that?
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A way ahead of you! Planet waves grip and finger strengthener. Already bought one. The springs are adjusted to the lighter settings. My physio guy will give me an exercise agenda to follow I am sure.

I am not going to assume anything until I see my doctor 9 o’clock Monday morning.
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