Practice routine

–Scales (solos over a backing track or with a metronome) Two scales each week, a major and a minor from same key. I’m into blues, so this week it’s A major and A minor pentatonic.
–Circle of 5ths, one chord family for the same key. A major and A minor. Rhythm with metronome. Learn all positions on the fretboard for that family.

What’s your routine or practice philosophy?
I kind of break it into disciplines. This is loosely based on my approach.

1. Technique... Hammerons/pulloffs. Picking. Pinch Harmonics. I don't tap, but if I did. And finally cleaning it all up
2.Theory...what notes/chords are in what key. What scales go over the chords. Names of the notes on the fretboard. Scale and chord formulae. Modes etc.
3. Music...the application of technique and theory in a hopefully creative and meaningful way.

To practice technique I use rote. I hate it because I am lazy too, but I can't find a way out.
To learn theory I read it first and then try to transfer it to the fretboard in various ways including jamming.
Music is the fun part for me. It includes writing and copying covers, but these days it is mostly jamming over chord progressions.

A lot of people don't think theory is that important. In certain situations I agree. But the approach you are taking I think you would benefit from a little. To illustrate the point: A Maj and A Minor aren't in the same key.

I also find having a schedule is important. I am a creature of habit (for better or worse). Once something becomes habit for me, whether it is exercise, music or brushing my teeth I am faithful to a fault.
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