Pot Mystery 1992 CST 24


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Apr 29, 2012
First knobs...now POTS!

Trying to determine the originality of the shiny old CST24 I just picked up...sent the photos below to PRS support, and they indicated that it did not look to be the original wiring or pots.

Pots have BA08116886 5839112 stamped on them. Found very little information (looks like there may have been some data on the old BAM forums but they are resting).

Very little information online, if they follow the pattern then they were made my mfr 583 (whoever that is) in December of 1991, which would be period correct.

Saw a fragment in a forum that suggested that this could be from a sweet switch conversion.

Any information is appreciated, pics below, thanks....


Update: after much searching, these pots remain a mystery. Noone from PRS or otherwise can identify them based upon code or picture.

I can comfortably say that I hate them - the range that they affect is so narrow that, played back-to-back with my STD24, it's missing almost everything below "10." There is so much versatility that is lost. The tone affect is especially narrow.

QUESTION #1: if I get a set of new PRS pots from the web store, all else being original, is it safe to assume it will behave closer to the '93 STD?

QUESTION #2: does anyone have access to archive data from the old BAM forums? There seems to be some relevant data on posts there with some 86 and 90 CST24s but cannot get to the old posts...just the Google search results.
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