Post your PRS guitar pics here!

I'm too lazy to take a new pic with only my PRS guitars. Sorry for the strat, but also not sorry 'cause I like it.

Someone mentioned we needed a new family pics thread now that the Photobucket debacle, which ruined a gazillion threads across the internet, is well past us. Family pics are great, but I figure why stop there, so the only rule is post a pic of a PRS guitar (or guitars)!

I'll start. Here is my current "family":



Sweet, thanks for getting the party started!

These two of yours still give me the warm fuzzies whenever I see them. That violet mojo is especially strong.

Sunshine allegedly remains in the forecast this week so an update may be in the works. Beware the GotG (Guardians of the Gear™).




In the spirit of the thread, here is the core of my PRS. I’m to lazy to pose them for a photo, and I have rules that if you touch it, you have to play walk around the music room. Cases opened to avoid the morning glare.
Nice post dude!
Is that a Korina PRS in the first pic? I would like some details of it.

Also, do you have 2 Bernies? Didn’t think anyone but me was that crazy.

Yes, it is. It's known as the KL-33. Santana body shape, control layout and neck carve. It's from 2008. I found it for a great price over the summer (actually, Sergio sent me a text dangling a Reverb link). They had Mira p/u's when they rolled out of the factory. I'm not sure what is in mine. I have not pulled them to look. It's a KILLER sounding guitar.

I don't have 2 Bernies. Although that would be a good thing! I found a better pic and neglected to delete the first one.