Portable Solar Panels for charging phones/laptops?


Apr 26, 2012

I'm looking at Goal Zero portable solar panels for charging cell phones and maybe laptops. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Goal Zero has some pretty nice stuff.
I have a bunch of their LED lanterns, the Ranger 350 battery which has the inverter on the side of it.
You might want to look into getting the Ranger 350 along with one of their bigger solar panels.

Their smaller stuff is nice too, but with the bigger Ranger 350 battery, inverter, and a bigger solar panel, you have more power on tap.

I have ran my laptop off of the Ranger 350, charged camera batteries while camping, plus ran the LED lights with it.
I do not have one of their solar panels though, I have a Powerfilm foldable in a 60 watt output that I use to keep my batteries in my FJ charged up while camping, and also to recharge up the Ranger 350 when it gets low.

As a test when I first got it, I was charging a call phone, my camera, and running the laptop all off of of the inverter, and also running 5 LED lanterns.



For a smaller system than mine, this one is pretty nice with the battery and inverter all one unit plus a solar panel.
Costco often carries Goal Zero stuff too.
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Really cool rig. Every time I see an FJ Cruiser now I drool cause of these pictures.
I ended up getting one. It works well; small, lightweight, functional. Takes a while to charge the battery on cloudy days but not long at all when it is sunny. Design work was quite thorough, unlike knockoffs.