popping noises when using the 5 way rotary selector


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Dec 4, 2012
fiddler's green
this topic has probably been discussed to death here , prs newb here, be gentle..

anyways i here a popping/noise whenever i change the position on the rotary, is this common with this system, would you recommend just switching to a 3 way toggle with push/pull?

thanks in advance:wink:
It's possible spraying some contact cleaner in there will help, you can get it from any decent hobby shop. Just be careful where to spray it of course!

Changing to a 3-way and coil tap will result in different tones, that's great if you're going for that but if you use the 2/3/4 (7/8/9) positions now you may not be happy with the change.
Some Deox-it will help but I actually enjoy the rapid-fire clicks going from bridge to neck, do it on the down beat before a solo and it adds a little guitar "hash" to the part.