POLL: Post PRS guitar buying/browsing habits.

Do you mostly look at PRS after buying a PRS?

  • No, I consider several other guitar makers too.

    Votes: 31 47.7%
  • Pretty much, yup, yah. Other guitars are dead to me now.

    Votes: 34 52.3%

  • Total voters
I bought my first PRS earlier this month, and I have a second one on the way (which I'm eager to show, but haven't had the time to properly do it, still).

If I had to play PRS exclusively until the day I die, I'd be more than ok with that (not the dying part, though). Having bought two in such a short span, I won't be able to afford another guitar for a long time. If I could though, I would instantly choose a Vela Satin Semi-Hollow in charcoal as my next one.

I'd still like to have a nice, mildly reliced strat, tele and les paul. Oh, and an Ibanez 7-string for nostalgia purposes. I like guitars, it's normal to want to have a diversity.

If I could have a 20 guitar collection, regardless of cost or brand, I'd have 12-14 PRS, and a huge smile on my face.
I didn't answer the poll because I do MOSTLY look at PRS, but I look at other brands. The only ones I'm really interested in other than PRS though, is EBMM. I could dig an Axis Super Sport and a Majesty. Probably won't get either though as I have an Axis and a JP12BFR.

But there are multiple PRS models I'd love to have and a couple I am semi- actively pursuing. I honestly thought the new S2 Hollow Body was a "sure thing" next guitar but I don't like the control setup and wouldn't want to buy it (yet) just to mod it to make it work for me. I need dual outputs, with a 3 way switch like my JP12 has, so I can flip from dedicated acoustic and electric channels or both. The knobs won't work for me as I need to flip from one to the other instantly to use it the way I would.
“Need” is overrated. ;)
I closed a mortgage two weeks ago, for a guy who was a traveling professional musician for 5 years up until the last couple years he came off the road and got a job to settle down/get married. He showed me his guitars that he took on tour. He purchased them all used, and none were over $600! I showed him some pictures of my PRS, Taylor and EBMM guitars, and he was looking at them like museum pieces. He knows all the brands and knows what they cost. He said "I'd be afraid to play them for fear I'd put a scratch on one." Then he said "I bet they don't even have buckle rash." Well no, they don't.

I voted PRS only but, that’s because I’m looking at buying another one. Nothing against other brands just something about a PRS that has me hooked.
My last 4 guitars were 2 PRS and 2 Gretsch. So while I love PRS, I do look and buy other makes, but only because my Gretsch fit a niche that PRS doesn't fill for me yet. One day I'd love to have a PRS SJC hollowbody with a Bigsby, but that day is a long, long ways off.
I couple NON PRS have been sneaking into my house , BUT I have my eye on some more PRS , might try my luck with a Santana again also a CU24 and or a Pauls and a Maple Board Silver Sky.
AND if PRS would just get to making a Tele inspired guitar :)
( The internet would explode )
I just go to the music store and play different guitars until I find one that I really like. I don’t care who makes it. Although I don’t pick up anything made in China. Because of COVID-19 and I don’t want to support a communist government.