Played my first Private stock


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May 9, 2012
I battled the christmas shoppers in Glasgow over the weekend and spent a bit of time in guitar guitar, PERFECT thing i needed to relax after the stress of shopping.
I had to play a beauty of an HBii with piezo that was on the wall and I am more set than ever on getting one.
I was thinking I should get a shift on out of there as my pregnant girlfriend was getting pretty tired walking about but she loved the comfy sofa so I didn't want to disturb her resting :rofl:

I just asked the salesman there can I have a go of the private stock over there? "yeah sure man" He knew I was not buying any guitars today so I didn't know if he would let me pick up one of the most expensive guitars in the shop.

First one I have had the pleasure to play, first rosewood neck I have had a chance to play too. It was perfect!
I couldn't rant enough about it but it made my day
No way I could afford it anytime soon but I would say it was an experience to play PRS finest and I didn't even want to pick up another guitar in the shop after playing it.

Pics to follow from my wee guitar shop adventure
This is the HBii from the shop pictures


I fell in love with both of them dispite not being my first choice of finishes. I'm trying to find the private stock on my phone to post
Just do what I did and ask. Even with a heavy beard and a black hoody he wasn't phased.

Exactly. A true salesman would understand that a high ticket and quality item like a PS guitar will play so well, it has a high chance of convincing a customer who wasn't even interested at first :)