piezo design used in hollowbody vs solid body


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Oct 21, 2014
when the p22 came out a few years ago, it came with a redesigned circuit board, 60% smaller than the original. Any of you know if prs has started using that new board with all their piezo equipped guitars?

the standard push-pull coil tap couldn't be used in hollowbody's because the old circuit board was in the way. If they (hollowbody ii) use the new piezo design, any of you know if the standard prs push-pull tone control can now fit?
Don't know about the fit issue, but I believe the new piezo is used for all piezo-loaded models. It sounds better.
I don't know this as fact, but I've done a lot of looking inside my '14 HB to try and determine what can be done.

It looks to me, like a push/pull still cannot be used in the tone position. I just don't think it will clear the circuit board. However, all other positions look clear. Volume and Mix knob positons.