Pickup Polarity on the Customs?


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Mar 26, 2015
High Desert Southwest USA
Howdy everyone,

A couple years ago, I did a major rewiring round on my Santana SE. The idea was to get to some of the options on the Customs. I swapped out the selector switch for a 5-position rotary, and wired it to get the Custom combos. I also swapped out the pickup magnets, and even their slug coils. Sounds terrific, and I recommend these mods, but I won't bore you with all that here.

Now I've gotten one of those FreeWay Switches, the J.J. CustomWorks edition, and I'll be putting that in so that I can have all the traditional Gibson HH switch positions, plus the three PRS Custom ones. And, importantly, it will look stock again.

Anyway, although I have the appropriate circuit diagrams, they all assume that "one pickup has reversed polarity." My problem is that I've already done so many mods to those pickups that I have no idea if the magnets are correct now, or if one needs flipping.

Can anyone tell me what polarity you have for the slug and screw coils on both pickups of one of your Customs? And, are the conductor wires on both pickups the same, i.e., do both have the same color leads for the start and stop of each matching coil?

Thank you all
Here is a handy old document. Somewhere along the line they swapped the positions of the black/white wires (for example, current 85/15 bridge pickup white is hot, but you still "move the hot" to cancel the slug coil).