Pickup Changes in HB's


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Jun 25, 2012
Since recently joining this forum I've read some well thought out opinions regarding pickups. I'd like to gain some of that insight with an issue I'm dealing with.
I have what I consider my personal #1 guitar, in a Hollowbody Spruce w/piezo. This guitar just plays incredibly and in doing so, makes me a better player. Love it.
A few months ago I decided I'd purchase a Korean made Epiphone Dot and upgrade it a step at a time, on my quest to a more 335ish instrument. The first change was the purchase of a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth Lover P/U's. To say it changed the guitar would be a gross understatement. It transformed it completely. To my ear there is more clarity and musicality in those P/U's, than the Archtop P/U's in the HB Spruce. I've toyed with the idea of a change but have been reluctant to alter the PRS in any way. Not that it's a closet queen, it's played, tarnished, nicked slightly, just not modded.
What are the thoughts and experiences of any of you who have had that experience?
My thought has always been that if you love the feel of the instrument but the tone isn't quite what you want, then you should make whatever changes needed to make it to your liking. I have never hesitated to change pickups in any guitar. In fact, only 2 of my guitars have the original pickups. One of which is my PRS CE. It just sounds the way I want a humbucker guitar to sound. Problem with it is that I didn't like the all-black body. So I stripped it, and it's now a shoreline gold goldtop. It's still curing so I can't post pics of it yet. Don't hesitate to make a change that you think will be for the better. If you don't try it, you may never find out that it works for you or that it was a dud change.