My 3 core models I totally leave alone…….
my Santana SE I changed out to a set of 245’s
fwiw, Lp #1 has a set of Dragon 2’s in it….
Lp #2 has a set of 59/09’s in it….
apparently I love PRS pickups over everything else I’ve tried over the years
My cousin had a Dragon II bridge in a LP. It sounded great!
To some the 85/15 are a bit polarising- a mate I often jam with said he feels like they has 10dB boost attached to them. I personally feel like they are the best stock pickups I ever had in any guitar past two decades (and I had quite a few high end guitars). The bridge HB is all I could possibly need from a HB. It's quick enough for a heavier stuff, yet rounded and balanced. The harmonics are present and pleasant, amazing string separation. Equally great for a solo stuff as well as for riff ripping. I have a bit of love/hate relationship with the neck pickup - it sounds like a touch of tone control ir rolled down, fluidy, nasaly even - yet articulated enough to make the notes palpable. Some days it works for me, some days it doesn't. My guitar is the 35th Anniversary, 24-08 thing. If I flip the neck in a partial split all the nasal quality is gone and I have a mellowed presence back, just the way I like it. Not a strat-alike single coil but very usable tonal quality.

To me, my CU24 on 85/15 is a quintessence of a perfect guitar. The only guitar I never changed a single thing about. I mean I did the fret dress on it but all factory elements, especially electronics has been left untouched.

Perfect guitar, pickups for people like to wear different huts
I pulled the pickups out of my PRS SE Kingfisher bass about an hour after playing it. I installed Tom Araya Signature EMGs in it that I had bought real cheap off of reverb and had sitting around. The Bridge pickup is a single coil and the neck is a humbucker. Both are covered by a soapbox plastic cover. The single coil is sitting in the farthest back position and the pickup swap made this bass sound much better in my opinion. The original pickups were very bad in my bass. I do believe the pickups that come in the SE Kingfisher today are a lot better than the earlier models. I made it an 18 volt Active system (two 9 volt batteries per EMG recommendations). Here are a few pics of my bass in the Talkbass forum.
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Swapped the stock pickups (58/15 "s") in my S2 McCarty 594 Thinline for Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates.

Swapped the stock pickups in my S2 McCarty 594 DC (58/15 "s")for a set of the 58/15LT pickups that were just released.

Both swaps were a noticeable improvement over stock, but the Pearly Gates in the Thinline are awesome!
I have swapped pickups on all my SE's, but its sort of a..."want to hone in on a specific sound" sort of thing. The TCI(s) pickups are very good, and I use one of my remaining sets in another axe.

For the three SE electrics I own...

PG SE has Bareknuckle Abraxas
35th SE has Bareknuckle Abraxas...my favorite pickup pretty much.
Custom 22 has Wolfetone ....Marshallhead and Dr. Vintage I think?

All the wiring is redone only because if I'm messing around in the control cavity, I might as well go the distance. I dont typically replace pots/switches unless something goes pear shaped or if I'm noodling around in there. Uhh...CTS pots on the first two, PRS pots on the Custom 22.