Pick One?

Custom 22s are great, but McRosies are legendary.

I guess it depends on your leanings. Custom for more modern, plus locking keys. McCarty for more classic, plus the feel of rosewood.

But there will of course be others if you don't make either of these happen.
My two cents...

Get both, money can be earned again.

Then, you'll have the best of both worlds and we can all celebrate with your NG'sD thread.

It really is the best solution to your problem. ;)
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A Rosewood McCarty is a special guitar ( Think Modern Eagle on a budget )
That CU22 is also sweet and I do Like Dragon 2s and a Rotary is something everyone should have in the collection that have some tones you just can't get another way
I like the get both idea :)
I really like my CuBRW22 because of the super smooth feel and the beautiful chocolate look, but in terms of tone I actually prefer the mahogany neck better. A more balanced range.
Thanks for all of the very helpful comments guys! I need to find time to go up and play both. I'll update soon!