Pick One A Few Ways

Oh fun, I’ll play!

1. My S2 studio, but probably any HSS Strat- like guitar with a humbucker that splits nicely.

2. Tough one, I don’t have a lot of experience here. Might be my new TC-100. Needs to have a great clean, crunch and drive, and play loud or quiet well.

3. YES “Fragile” coulda gone Rush “Hemispheres” as well.

4. I’m going with Tacos.

5. Coffee

6. The “Spielberg”Starwars movies.
Far from a laminated selection, but for now at least:

1. One of my team’s own-build S-types; or if it needs to be a PRS, my SS Dead Spec.
2. Either Two Rock CRS V1 or Mesa Boogie MkIIA.
3. Pat Metheny Group, so I guess the one album would be “Travels”.……but that would mean losing Joni Mitchell, Allan Holdsworth, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd and Eric Johnson.
4. Pasta with a sauce of some sort, or Thai curry.
5. Tea
6. One TV Show/Series Or Movie For Life, What Is It? Film: “Persuasion” 2007 version with Sally Hawkins, or TV series: “House”.
"One God, that I can understand; but one wife? That is not civilized. It is not generous!"

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An Interesting Conversation With My Wife At Dinner Got Me To Thinking So I Thought I Would Share. We Were Talking About Number One Choices Or Picks For Things For Life And How That Can Change From Being Your Favorite Now And Then If You Have The Option Of Choices To A Favorite Forever Because There Are No Choice Options. Of Course The Conversation Went To Food, Drinks, TV, Gear And Music And Here We Are.

1. One Guitar For Life, What Is It?

2. One Amp For Life, What Is It?

3. One Album (I Will Cheat And Say Band To Make It Easier As One Album Seems Impossible) But If You Have An Album Choice That Is Fine. What Is It?

4. One Meal (Food Item) For Life, What Is It?

5. One Drink For Life (Other Than Water) What Is It?

6. One TV Show/Series Or Movie For Life, What Is It?

Here Are My Answers...

1. PRS GOTM September (Gold Foil Single Cut)
2. Diezel VH4 (Not My All Time Favorite But Very Close. The 4 Channels Sealed The Deal Here).
3. Big Wreck - Albatross
4. Carne Asada Tacos
5. Ginger Lemonade Kombucha
6. Sons Of Anarchy
Interesting thread

1. Not 100% sure with one on the way. But it would be my PRS JH right now. My PRS Standard 24 would be 2nd. My answer would be the same on a Gibson Forum.
2. I haven't used a real amp for a long time. All I have left is my Twin. I don't play in a band anymore, so I would probably say my Spark.
3. Led Zeppelin Box Set? Joe Satriani Box Set? lol
4. Pizza
5. Mocha
6. Breaking Bad.