Photos, let's see 'em

Shots from warmer climes:


Memorable storm. (Briarcliff, Texas)


Sunset on Lake Travis, outside Austin.


Downtown Austin (from the Long Center)


One of my favorite shots ever, due to the rarity of climbing inside a B-25J to shoot a B-29. (San Marcos, Texas)
Yesterday when I went to leave for work, the ice had frozen into a strange pattern on my windshield. I can only assume strong winds blew the water around as it froze solid.

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It's not just wind, that's crystallizing, like a snowflake. It usually happens when the dew-point changes precipitously (large pressure/temperature changes).
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Ooo, I found an important one: my first PRS demo trip. What kills me here is that I was so dead-set on a DC that I completely ignored a lot of amazing pieces on the wall, namely the center of the top row. :rolleyes:

Here is the very moment of my initial descent down the rabbit hole.


I was so focused that I somehow forgot to take pics of all the 594s I demoed. [It came down to my quilt 594 and its flame twin in the end. It was impossible to go wrong with that inventory.]
I'm not that great, but here are my faves from recent times...

Super Blue Blood Moon Rise over the McDowell Mountains, Phoenix, AZ (wish I'd had a better camera and a tripod)

My daughters and some Christmas decorations, Phoenix

Cal Jam 17, San Bernadino, CA

Steak. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Steakerprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new cuts of beef, to seek out new seasonings and new cooking methods, to boldly eat what no man has eaten before.
All these were taken a bit outside Estes Park, Colorado, right in the YMCA of the Rockies. Took our church youth camp there last year. Of course I had to get a little early morning mountain climbing in before everyone got up :D

Friendly tip: If the geology of different places interests you, put rock samples in your bag on the way DOWN a mountain, not up... lesson learned, but totally not from experience or anything ;)






These were a few months later down here in Texas from the storm. I'm sure it's old news now, but it's some of the more note-worthy photos on my phone (most are just memes.....:cool:..).



This was the first day I went back as part of a church/community group to help recovery for a few weeks. The water in this area got up to 12-15 feet. Most of the houses were on stilts, and still got 4-6 feet up inside.

You can see where the house sort of slid to the right and basically had the bottom shaved away.


A trailer house that rolled over several times.