Photos, let's see 'em

Surfside Beach, SC from my bicycle.

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We had that pooches grandpa. Ace (Frehley) looked just like that but with one brown eye, and one half blue, half brown eye. Such a great pooch. Passed in 2007 at 16.
Sorry to hear that. We've lost a few family pups over the last couple of years, and it's hard to handle each time. She's a pretty good one. Was rescued as a scrappy little street dog and fits in with us just fine.
Rarely do I take a good photo with my phone, it's either blurred or the lighting is crap, but this one time my phone acted right for once.
My fishing buddies & I brag & talk trash with the aid of photos & text. Usually you can barely tell WTF the fish is cause I'm holding a fishing rod and a wiggling fish, so they end up blurred.

This one time I caught an extremely rare red Cabezon, one in a million odds on catching this genetic oddity as 99% are drab brown, olive or blue-ish. Not only was I able to release him to swim another day, and possibly reproduce, but the pics came out clear for once.

When you're on a work trip to Philly, she meets you there and then agrees to marry you
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This is really cool for several reasons. Great photo of an awesome situation about to unfold.

The two glasses appear to be filled to the exact same level which could mean two people bonding as equals.