Phish at Alpine Valley - 2022

Moondog Wily

Howlin' At The Moon!
Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
Anybody catch the Phish shows at Alpine Valley this past weekend? I was able to see 2.7 of the 3 (had to leave early Sunday night).

I must say, the Grateful Dead and Phish experiences, both musically and culturally, are more than just concerts, they are "experiences" and until you have really been to one (and hopefully trippin'), you won't understand how it is different from other concerts! I was able to see about 55 Grateful Dead shows in the 80's and 90's, and have seen Phish probably 15 or so times, but this past Saturday night really made me realize that these experiences are more than just some band playing their music! They opened the show with 1999 by Prince and ROCKED the house like I have never seen Alpine rock (and I have seen many dozens of shows there)!

Anyway, looking forward to hearing the shows out of the environment to see if Saturday was really all that special in retrospect, and also looking forward to any thoughts y'all have on those experiences including this past weekends hoora!!


The Space Between The Notes
Feb 9, 2022
Great show, I was not there but listened. I did go to Hartford (my 75th Phish show, dating back to '89) which was fantastic despite the 100 degree temps. Phish is crushing right now.