Paul's Guitar - Narrow 408 in Bridge Position


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Apr 8, 2013
I didn't see a thread on this yet, unless I missed it...

Just curious to know the tonal differences between the Standard Wider 408 pu in the bridge vs Paul's choice of putting the Narrow Bass 408 in the Bridge position (I assume they're the same pu)?

I definitely like the look of the more symmetrical Narrow 408 in both positions.

But, what about the Tone man?

Mr. Smith stated in a video that having the Narrow 408 in the bridge helped give him a more focused sound that allowed him to cut through in his band better (which sometimes has several guitarists).

My thinking on his comments concern me a bit (but not that much :wink:) Would having a Paul's guitar and using the bridge pickup sound thin and too focused if you're the only guitar player? Since it's a PRS, I highly doubt that this would be the case however...

Not thin at all by itself IMHO.

The bridge pup is wound differently in the Paul 's guitar than the regular 408 bass in the neck position.

They seem to be sonically similar to the 57/08 pups if just a bit more refined sound wise.

A little sweeter in the bridge position and a little clearer in the neck than a full size bucker. Very nice pickups indeed...
I thought it sounded a little different, but there were definitely similarities. Cool guitar.
Thanks Gentlemen! Just figured I'd ask since I thought it an interesting move by Mr. Smith... and I'm digging the aesthetics more than the regular 408 setup.
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Not sure 100% but the way I understood it from PRSh was that it's not just a 408 bass pup placed in the bridge but a narrow 408 treble. Only played a 408 for a very short time so I can't really compare but I do love the tones I'm getting from the Paul's guitar.
To me the wider 408 sounds hotter, maybe just slightly hotter than the 59/09. The narrow 408 in my Brent Mason does sound very 57/08 ish.