Paul said he found the secret


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May 2, 2018
I’ve been watching his NAMM videos this week and he said he and his team found the secret to recreating a 1963 strat pickup.
He said that most winders copy a bunch of things from the original pickup but still can’t make them sound right. he said that they were wrong, and that there were two things he found that they didn’t.

what do you think they were?
I like Paul, but Paul says a lot of things. Some of them are, well... a bit over the top.
Very true. Like when they first announced the silver sky... the marketing hype insinuated that they 'invented' the Strat, rather than the fact that it's just a PRS version built to Mayer's specs...
I respect Paul and his accomplishments, but he's still the geeky kid who made it big and he gets carried away sometimes...
I like Paul, but Paul says a lot of things. Some of them are, well... a bit over the top.

I've not met a single proprietor who doesn't say things that are over the top.

There are certain consumers who unfortunately drive this to absurdity and somehow this gets popularized as marketing bling and eventually becomes the standard by which all similar products are measured.

One of my personal favorites is from a guy claiming to cryo treat wood down to 300 below.

Or how almost every overdrive is "transparent."
That's how you sell and build buzz for your product am I right? It doesn't hurt that the guitars typically back it up.

There’s “buzz” and there’s pure, unequivocal BS. I have around a dozen PRS guitars in my studio, but will gladly call PRS out whenever they go overboard with the hype machine. Anyone remember “sinker mahogany”? LOL
Paul is selling guitars.
That's what he does.

I think Paul is making a living at doing what he loves. Designing Guitars. Sales are just the capitalist society game you have to play to make it happen.

If sales were really his passion, his personality would be closer to Lee Anderton.