paul reed smith personally fixed my Custom 24


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Dec 4, 2012
fiddler's green
i was at the emeryville guitarcenter, been lookin at this 09 custom 24 10top..within reasonable price..when i tested it earlier it doesn't work.i mean the 5 way rotary thing is not connected or something..i said well maybe this guitar is not for me..the sales rep said PRS is here, i said yeah right he might as well fix this we were returning the guitar, a voice said you like that guitar , without looking i said, yea, i would have bought it already if it wasn't effed up.. he said i'll fix it..when i looked it was paul smith.. he took the guitar and said i let me look at it, i need a work bench/ this point a lot of people are already takin pictures etc..then he asked for a soldering gun, etc and said this was an easy fix, i told him i was planning on getting the 3 way conversion kit from his website, when he finished he said test it..tell me if you like it..

loved it..paid for it, when i was leavin, paul smith approached me and said thank you..i said thanks for fixing the guitar, and jokingly told the manager of that GC that he should be hired as a repair guy he he..

can't seem to post please!!

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Cool Story. That's awesome. I also would love to see pics of this now famous guitar. Don't ever sell/trade it.
That's weird, that's the 2nd time that's happened recently. The guy with the trem arm that wouldn't fit... Maybe something wacky is going on with the forum database thing?
Could be, because if the OP deletes his first post he started, that wipes out the whole thread of replies with it.
That Paul Smith guy actually knows a thing or two about guitars. :flute::D

ps- I'm going to clean this thread up a bit and delete some of the same photos which have been posted several times. Enjoy your new guitar!
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Congrats on the new guitar! Pauls a double edge sword, great guy and a great sales man - i love it!
Nice guitar congrats. With a story like that behind the guitar it's a life time keeper.
I love seeing a Business Owner getting his hands dirty. We should all learn something from this. These are the sort of things that make people want to work hard for PRS. Paul could have said: Send it back to us & we'll fix it. I personally subscribe to the theory that you are never above getting your hands dirty.

Kudos to you Paul Smith!