Paul’s Guitar vs Special Semi-Hollow 22

neil godbole

New Member
Mar 9, 2021
Bit of an old thread, but what the heck. I was in this predicament as well. I was thinking about adding a Paul's guitar - a 2018 LTD - basically what Bodia sold... and after getting a chance to play one and reading the comments... I'd say, if you had the means and desire to keep both, they do different things... and those differences open themselves up to you when you investigate different styles and playing around with the knobs in less 'standard' positions. Also.. the sustain characteristics and resonant peaks are different as well as the pickups overall sound when going through light to moderate dirt.

Having said that, what i wanted to know was if my pre-amp installed and solo middle position enabled SSH could cover the Paul's zones to some extent. And the answer for me is, basically, yes. SO... obviously having a second guitar is totally different than only having 1 that tries to cover everything, but the SSH with a few mods (onboard pre-amp.. a 'particular one' at that, and enabling the middle narrowfield in isolation as well as series/parallel switchable) really makes a switchblade of a guitar even more versatile....

Of course doing those mods is a bit spendy if you want to get it done from somebody, but much less then keeping the Paul's.... ;)


RJK Tech

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Jul 1, 2016
I am able to get tones out my Paul’s guitar that i don’t get with the Special 22.

To me, they are completely different beasts. I believe diverse enough for both.