P22- first night out of the house and some fun baffling my new bandmates!


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Aug 29, 2012
The FAR SIDE of the Middle of Nowhere
So I got asked to a jam with a potential new band last night as Rhythm Guitar and Vocals. I was excited, been "Bandless" for a bit. :bawling: Bass Player from a band I'd sat in with recommended me for this gig.:cheers:

I decided I'd take the P22 for the practice (audition). I’d reworked my pedal board to get my Fishman Aura on the board so it wouldn’t stand out. Ran a regular cable to the Aura and my G50 wireless to the electric side... SO not even an extra cable to dime off the fact that I was running TWO signal paths. Got to practice first and quietly ran my XLR from the Aura and the one from my mic.

So practice goes on and we play a couple of songs, lead player keeps looking at me and commenting on how good the P22 sounds – I’m not giving up anything! :flute: LOL!! Some songs I’m using the Piezo to sweeten things up. ;) Night goes on and things are gelling, we’re having fun . I dial up the Piezo for “Wish you were here” and “If you could only see”. Lead player says “Dude” ( ya were Californian’s :D ) “That sounds JUST LIKE AN ACOUSTIC”... I go “YA? You think so? I’m pretty happy with it...”. :proud: I let it go all night until just as were talking fixing you shut down, I’m just strumming and messing around and he comments again... I flip the switch back to electric and he sees me “HEY what’s THAT switch” I smile and go "WHAT SWITCH? Nothing to see here" Covering it with my hand...having a good laugh together! :rofl: So I came clean... Oh, I GOT THE GIG. :cool:
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Very cool ... P22 on top of my wishlist right now ... 2nd on the list: Funds to acquire wishlist item #1 ...
Thanks! :D

I guess most of us here are gear hounds to some extent. I've had LOTS of guitars and amps. ;) Many had great tones and where flexible enough to cover basic "Rock" guitar 101 with the right pedals and amp. The P22 is a bit of a game changer to me, NOW I can cover all the "normal" electric guitar stuff AND throw in the acoustic tones where they add something MUSICLY. Who hasn't covered "Dead or Alive" and played the intro with a clean tone on an electric? Now I flip the switch and I'm acoustic for the intro! :cool: Really it's not "as good as" having and Acoustic, it's BETTER - it's easier to play! :D

Oh and Bryan Ewald said something almost "oh by the way" in one of his demos about a volume pedal being helpful. If you flip the switch with amp up you get a transant thump as the electic side of the guitar goes hot. I figured out what he was getting at... If you leave the switch set to the center position "BOTH" you can just use the volume pedal to kill the electric side and roll it back in when you are ready for it. The blend knob for the Piezo will let you turn that down if you don't want it... so you end up not flipping the switch at all! :cool: