Overwhelmed with new amp choices

JJjr is a sweet amp
I would give the MKV 35 another go you will not be disappointed IMHO ( I have the 90w head )
HDRX 20 is great fun , got mine a few weeks ago , paired with a Line 6 HXFX it can do anything ( my current set up )
I don't have a ton of amp experience but I use a Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40. Some nice things about it are that it has 4 channels with built in Delay, Reverb thats very adjustable. A ton of programmability and memory if that's what you're into or you can set it and forget it. Works great with its FX loop too. It has a built in Redbox which is a godsend for home recording direct to your audio interface without any need for mics or other interference. One of my fave features is it can be power soaked all the way down to 1W which is perfect if your in a small room or if you have noise constraints. And it still sounds perfect on the lower wattage settings. Last but not least, it looks absolutely unreal sitting on top of a cab.

I remember watching that amp review on Music Is Win. Looks super versatile! And the blue glow is smoking!
The SLO 30 is an incredible amp. Sure it's overkill for home use but the sounds you can get out of it are worth it. I've been a Boogie player for as long as I can remember. The SLO is about the only amp that makes me stray. It's fun to play and really quite versatile.
What about the Suhr PT15. Very versatile and easy to use. Takes pedals well. You can pick up a used nonIR Version for 17-1800.
I am very happy with my Matchless HC-15. I bought it directly from Matchless, and they were great to deal with. I think they have some good EL-34 based amps? There's also Metropoulos amps that are built a ways north me here in Michigan (they are a little pricier). I also keep hearing people talk about the discontinued Bogner Metropolis which show up on reverb.