"Our World", a littlebadboy and Mouse collaboration

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    Over the summer, Mouse and I did a collaboration. We present to you "Our World". First part of the song describes the beauty of our world and the blessings that we get from it. The second part describes how we are abusing it, hence, it gives you a sad feeling.



    I used the following guitars (all cheapies):
    Washburn WI66V
    Laguna LE200avb
    Hadean Telecaster on simulated acoustic part

    Effects: Boss GT-6 straight to interface
    Audio Interface: Yamaha AudioGram3
    Bass and Drums: Programmed in my DAW (Magix Music Maker)

    Mouse used a PRS S2 Custom 24 and whatever effects on his Boss BR-800 unit which he recorded his parts on. He final mixed in Audacity.

    I hope you will enjoy and like it!

    Thank you Mouse!

    A video version is coming soon.

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