OSU Marching Band - Awesome Performance


Zombie Four, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
This is for anyone who's been in marching band, had a loved one in marching band, or is something of a video game geek (guilty on all three counts).

I'd much rather see stuff like this than analysts pontificating....
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Alan that was excellent - loved the Tetris bit...

I'd much rather see this for the Super Bowl as well - What the NFL thinks is spectacular halftime entertainment for the big game is so often an over-produced snooze.

The production above - pounded out by kids between classes, in the evenings and on weekends makes most of the Super Bowl halftimes look so very lame.
Man, I loathe OSU - but that was incredible. :congrats:
I'm jealous for my home team and I didn't even go to UW. Thanks for the post Alan!