Original McCarty?

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by Lost_Vet, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Hi folks, I recently came in possession of a 1995 PRS McCarty, SN: 5214XX. On the back of the headstock written in gold is "McCarty Model". In the case is a second electronics cover signed by Mr McCarty and the number "11/100". That would lead me to believe that it was one of the first 100 produced, however my research indicates they started making them in 1994.

    So is it possible that this is one of the first 100? I'm asking because I just started playing PRS guitars and don't really know a lot about them, except that I really like them.

    Any of you PRS guys who could help, or need more info, please post here. The guitar is in beautiful original condition. I have not pulled the pickups, but all the wiring is original so I would suspect the pickups are as well. It has a nicely flamed, thick top in the original McCarty burst. Also the tone knob moves up and down.

    Thanks again for any insight you might provide.

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