Opinions on the Mira?

I agree amps make a HUGE difference with trying out guitars. Plus I just feel I have been unlucky with Miras up to now. But I will keep trying them out till I find one I like. As I think on paper it has everything I like in a guitar, just need to go hunt down some good PRS dealers with a range available to try out.
I wouldn't change out the Mira pickups for 57/08's, only the 245's. I think the stock Mira pu's sound great already... different from the 57/08's for sure, but I think they're a perfect match to the Mira.

57/08 pickups sound great in a Mira Korina.


New Mira user here. Picked up a Minty Green '10 about two months ago for super cheap. Absolutely no way to turn down the deal.

Like Dave M, I play second guitar - and do lead vox in a cover band. We gig regularly around Knoxville - and my stage guitars historically over the last two years have been my CE24 and my EG2. From the git go - I left the EG at home and took the Mira and CE. I have yet to touch the CE on stage or in rehearsal since I got the Mira - and I love that CE.

The Mira has every sound that I need for our repetoire - and that repetoire spans 6 decades and many styles. Every position on the guitar is useful - and it is a pretty comfy axe to hang around your neck all night. Side note - I use a Levy's No. 1 Stretch Strap with it - and it is pure comfy.

When I took delivery on the Mira - the action looked like it had been set up for slide (incidentally my CE looked that way too). It took me about 40 minutes to get the bridge height correct and the neck relief right -to get an extremely nice set up. It has not budged since.

I may still be in the honeymoon phase - and I really need to re-visit the CE soon - but the Mira is currently my number 1.
I came across a nice, used Mira in vintage cherry, and it's turned out to be a great buy.

I love the classic rock tones and appreciate the light weight on a three set gig.

Most of my guitars are 22 frets, so it's fun to play a 24 fret once in a while.

My Mira is a valuable part of my gigging guitar rotation... the more I play it, the more I like it!

I had an early production model I think it was like number 138 or something. It was an amazingly versatile guitar. That versatility is was sent it packing. It never had it's own personality. I regretted it a few weeks after I let it go though. I recently picked up a beautiful maple top. As I am adjusting the action to my taste I notice that the bridge is resting, hanging up, on the pickguard?? Never had that issue with the first. On this one I plan on getting a custom pickguard made and putting together a new wiring harness with Volume Volume master tone. I will maintain the vintage wiring so that the tone and volume interact. I will then use Seymour Duncans triple shots to handle the splitting and phasing of the pickups. I use them on almost all my dual humbucker guitars. This to me will give me that playability of the PRS with the tone blending advantage of a dual volume setup. The Mira is the perfect candidate for this with it's controls in the pickguard, otherwise your drilling in a beautifull maple top.
I like the Mira a lot. I tried it through an Orange Rockerverb 50 and then a Rocker 30 with a 2x12 cab. Played with the master volumes slight below noon. That guitar had great tone and sustain. Liked the tone out of every pickup position. Great dynamics. I really should've just bought it. But I liked the tone of my McCarty standard a bit better and it seemed like it would be overkill as they covered pretty similar territory. I still wanna hear the soapy version of it.
Have a Mira X and , as I've stated elsewhere on this forum, incredibly worth every penny. Especially to those with "Heavy Guitar" issues...mine weighs next to nothing, and sounds incredible. Love the neck, and simplicity of the guitar. Besides, got it second hand for a song. Money (Pink Floyd), yes..."Big Money" (Rush)...NO...Mony Mony (Really??!!)
Four months in on the Mira - still digging it. Still my number one stage guitar. Still the one I want to play above all others that I own. Zero G.A.S.
The Mira is phenomenal. The tones are much more versatile than any SG I've ever played (and I've had one since 1966, so...).

The electronics are also great - you may not want to bother swapping pickups once you see how good the stock ones sound.

I agree. That is why I have a set of Miras pups in my Santana.