One more guitar? Which?


So many guitars, not enough time
May 7, 2022
Ok, so I actually might be able to squeeze on more guitar in to my collection. But I've been trying to figure out which. I have a 76 ES-335, CE22, CE24, 594 (SC solid and DC HB), silver sky, Fiore, Studio, CU24, and a baritone. I can't decide between Paul's guitar for the sonic quality, Brent Mason for the range, Santana retro for the comfort and I don't have a 24.5 inch scale guitar. Yes I know the 594 are close. I'm probably leaning towards the Santana. Depending on how much overtime I will have to work, lol. If I may, what are your thoughts and why? Thank you.
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I have had the good fortune of playing a Brent Mason and the variety of tones you can pull from it is really just fantastic. Like Bowtie suggests the NF3 is also a great choice for variety of tones. I would even say a 509 / 513 if you really want tone variety. I will say that the 509/513 offers unique sounds that come close to things like a strat / silver sky (which you already have) but again uniquely different.
That is a tough one. My first thought was a 513 or similar. My other thought was a DGT....then the Santana popped back into my mind. As I was pondering those choices silly weird shaped guitars came to mind like a V or explorer shape or something like that. I quickly snapped out of it and landed back on the Santana or a 513 type.
I doubt the OP wants a Swiss army knive, judging by his collection of specific sounding guitars. I'd say Santana or... Call me crazy, a CU22/4? That is a glaring omission in the collection ;-)
I thought about that and played and SG, but we just didn't click. And I really wanted to.