Once again, Neil Young blows me away!


Apr 27, 2012
I've been a major fan of Mr. Young since 1978 when I first saw the "Live Rust" tour (no...it's not since he came out with a big coke bugger in the movie "The Last Dance"...although that helped :biggrin:). I've seen him dozens of times since then, and I think that when he teams up with Crazy Horse, the synergy is amazing. he is by far the only "musical hero" I have, based on not only his musical catalogue and genius, but based on his non-musical extracurricular activites...like patenting electric trains that can be used by severely disabled people (like his son Ben who is a quadrapeligic victim of CP. Coincidentally, his older son Zeke by Carrie Snodgrass (my son's name-sake) also has CP, but not nearly as severe...and it is not a genetic disease).

Anyway..back on topic.....late to the party on this particular one..when I first heard about his "Americana" project I shuddered. I had visions of his esoteric projects of the '80's in mind (Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks??). However, this AM driving to work, I heard "Clementine" on XM's "Deep Tracks"....damn...I'm embarassed to admit the freakin' song brought tears to my eyes.

Here is is...with the addendum that this weekend, this album and the more recent "Psychedelic Pill" will be purchased. Neil rocks...he is a musical genius, as well as a genius in about everything he does. The reason people don't like him has a lot to do with his perfectionism..he must be extremely difficult to work with....as various members of Crazy Horse can attest.

PS...As DJ Meg Griffin said...this is NOT the version we sang in first grade with Mrs. Altman!!

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Any idea if the B&W footage in the video is connected to Neil or just some amazing stuff they found?

Catching up on some of the other videos from this set....belatedly, this AM at work.....It would appear that these are vintage clips that are probably within the public domain. Doesn't look like a typical product of the infamous director "Bernard Shakey".