On my way...


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Nov 3, 2012
To get my very first American PRS! It is used, but after owning 5 SEs I'm ready for one.
Just got it! On my way back home now. Will snap a quick pic before I play the hell out of it.
Ok, I just got home with my first American PRS. It's not as nice as most of the guitars I have seen on here, but I love it.

I never thought I would buy a purple guitar, but I love this one.

This is the pic that the seller used. I will take better pics soon.

Ok, I'll agree it's not a Private Stock, but that is one sweet looking guitar. Purple is definitely in the running for my next guitar.

As much as I love my SEs, the tone of this thing blows them away. When I saw this for sale I wanted it so bad, but didn't have the $$$.

I just bought a used Mesa head & cab over the weekend from GC. Well, the guitar was $5 more than I paid so I quickly decided to return them and get the guitar. I can always get another used amp right?