OMG! My 1st PRS!


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Apr 28, 2012
After years of asking questions on BAM forum and bugging soo many members there about my PRS hunt, I FINALLY Grabbed one. Please tell me I did well...or tell me I could have done better.
Perhaps it belongs to one of the members here.

I just won it off ebay. 7.7 lbs (too heavy?) Weight OK???





I saw that one too! I think you did very well - that top is GORGEOUS and the color is perfect. The DGT is also one of the most versatile PRSi in the lineup. Congrats and welcome to the club :D
DGTs in colors other than goldtop or sunburst are not that common right now... and the top on that one is just stunning.

7.7 pounds is argubly the ideal weight for a PRS guitar, particularly the ones that lean towards vintage or rock tones.

Serious congrats to you.
That guitar is a beauty - my favourite colour on a guitar too! 7.7lbs sounds a good weight to me! Congrats!!!

Now, I just need to keep telling myself this...

I will have a US PRS and it WILL be blue!
She's beautiful and certainly not too heavy. Prepare yourself. This will not be your last lol.
Nice! The DGT is an awesome guitar.

But I'll tell you what no one else will - PRS guitars are like Lays Potato Chips. One is not enough!
Very nice....I took the PRS plunge for the first time this year with a DGT. That is good weight too...congrats! :D