OLD NEWS - PRS in the 80's

It's endless. And every 50's PAF might sound a little different from every other one.

And you know what? I'm finding that same variety in the PRS 57/08 pickup sets I have.

Every one seems a little different.

More output. Less output. Thicker denser lower mids tone. More open airier tone.

They have a common personality but my four sets vary a lot.
Interesting @Lewguitar ……I have 2 sets.
The engraved original pair in my ‘11 Stripped 58 measures 8.8K & 8K
and a newer unengraved pair I bought measure 9.3k & 8.4K. They’re going in my S2 DC594
i owned a number of real PAF’s years ago and found similar variations but nothing in the 9k range. (Duane Allman got those)
they were generally in the 7.3/7.7 to 8/8.2 range… and nothing particularly special, although they did sound very warm. (Weak magnets from age). The Duncan Antiquities sound about the same as old PAF’s. I like them somewhat hotter like 57/08’s, Zhangbucker Duane +’s @ 9.8 bridge, Dragon 2 bridge @ 12K, 245 sets @ 10k , the DGT pickups ect…
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Very interesting - thanks for posting. What ever happened with the proposed collaboration with Kramer, for lower price point PRS guitars in the ‘80s?

Also, anyone ever tried a quick “flick of a rotary” switch? ;)
The quick flick is exactly how you should work the rotary so that you are never more than 2 clicks away from any setting.

For instance if you want to go from setting one to setting four. You quick flick all the way to the 5th setting then click back one to get to setting 4. I love the rotary.
I'd love to know where that floyd proto 24 is now!

And thanks for posting this!