Old dog, new tree


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Apr 27, 2012
New Jersey
After 24+ years of having the same gauge strings on the Undisputed Capo dei capi HMFIC, I have made a switch. These Stringjoy strings have made a huge impact on my choice of strings. The gauges in the set I’m using are perfect for Drop D tuning.

A little history about #1 - or skip to the pics:).

One Saturday back in 2000, I was doing my usual guitar hunting on eBay, when I ran across the listing for this guitar (Yes, I was wearing camouflage at the time). I was smitten with a guitar that was unlike anything I have played or tried before. I looked at the seller info. Garrett Park Guitars! I was familiar with the shop since visiting it while attending the Original PRS Forum gatherings.
I grabbed the phone and started to dial. Ahh…the thrill of the hunt! Found out they still had it in stock and told them I was on my way - on my way from northeast New Jersey to Annapolis, MD. That’s about a four hour drive. One way. I was the fastest thing on the road. I was so focused on my mission that crossing the nightmare inducing Bay Bridge didn’t phase me at all.
Upon arrival, I was greeted with “Did you actually just drive here for a guitar?” stares of confusion and bewilderment. I really hope I like this guitar…
Once in hand, it all clicked. Up to this point, I was playing my first PRS - 94 CE24, WT, trem, HFS pickup - and had never tried any other PRS models. Turned out I really needed a WF, stoptail, Dragon I pickup guitar. It was - and is - perfect for me. I’LL TAKE IT! Just needed a string and tuning change. I had a set of Light Top/Heavy Bottom 10-52 with me and had it strung up before I left.
And for the next 24 years, that was what I used…

And now, some NEW pics!

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Very nice, great story and this is such a recognizable guitar with that wild top.

And PRS 22 fret HT guitars are great, have three and they are not going anywhere!
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