Okay..so how bad is the Flu bug in your neck of the woods?

We're about to have a massive outbreak of gastro, they say it's a hybrid of 2 gastro strains so no-one has any immunity to it.

They're saying up to 400,000 Australians could be affected, has spread around the world already (called "Sydney 2012")
Today is the first day in 11 days that I haven't had a fever. There is no medicine on the shelves in the stores...back ordered.

It's bad here.
My daughter was vaccinated--and still got the flu. Wasn't too bad though, which I assume was due to the immunization.
I was out of work for a week, sickest I've been in 30 years at least. Completely bedridden, couldn't even eat for 4 days. Really nasty flu strain.
I was out of work for a week, sickest I've been in 30 years at least. Completely bedridden, couldn't even eat for 4 days. Really nasty flu strain.

Some pun intended but that sounds like some serious poo! But I'm sure it sucked, my son missed 4 days last week.
My dad ended up in the hospital with it, and a co-worker missed almost a week and still isn't recovered. Fingers crossed that's as close as it gets...
Hospitals are at capacity here, I'm lucky I have not come in contact with any infected yet, I'll give you a new report 28 days from now.
Vaccinations sometimes make me sick as they are supposedly the "Dead" variant of the virus .. When I was in boot camp, a Typhoid vaccine put me in the hospital for 2 weeks. But I still had to mop floors and make Kool-Aid with a temp of 102! I hear that the Army is nicer now..
My wife and I both came down with it on Dec 30th. We had a New Years show to play so we loaded up on meds and caffeine and played the show anyway, then got caught up in the excitement, stayed out past midnight, had several drinks... Man that was a mistake! I spent the next several days on the couch or in bed. I'm still not 100%. There's this lingering cough/stuffy nose thing.
Was a right Bastard - I got sick Christmas evening and was in bed 4 days and on sofa 3 days and overall 12 days feeling dizzy and nauseous... Everything tasted foul - even water... I have the bloody cough still...
Will say one thing..those "Airborne" seltzers work.. Not a cure, but if taken at the very FIRST sign of a cold or flu, it does shorten it..In my own experience..your mileage may vary..
I'm in the Texas pothandle, and there is a lot of talk about it here. I know a number of people who have had it for weeks and are still trying to get over it; my insurance man, some neighbors, people in stores I see regularly. I have been into three different hospitals, and two doctor's offices in the last week or so, and almost every employee I encountered asked me if I had gotten a flu shot. I had no intention of getting one, but so many people talked about how bad it was that I finally thought 'what the heck' and got one last Friday. If it helps, fine. If not, at least I did what I could. I'm already obsessive about washing my hands, etc.

I've always had good luck with NyQuil, but it's gotten so expensive that I can barely afford it anymore. If a flu shot helps keep me from needing to buy some, then it was worth it.

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