Ok, Ok....NGD....It's here!!!!!!!!

So my guess, in the other thread, of a Santana or perhaps a Westie wasn't too far off, as it turns out...

Congrats! And that other yellow DC at GC tempted me, but I have a guitar still on backorder due "soon", so best not be spending extra cash right now...
Hmm, that’s a mere 2 hours away - too bad I have no funds!

It's exactly 22.7 miles from me. BUT... that price is a bit much. The non-10's were cheaper new. I may go check it out this evening or tomorrow for the heck of it. However, I just bought $500 in pedals, cables, tubes, and stands so that impacts any potential decision!

Edit: Phew... I was browsing the listing quickly and didn't realize the store listed was my store they would ship to. Temptation averted.