Ok, Ok....NGD....It's here!!!!!!!!

You know, I don’t totally dislike that one. :eek::D

I kid!!!

Lemon drop is possibly my secret fav color...it reveals all about a top and that one is damned cool. *two thumbs up*
I got the bug for everything guitar shaped a long time ago. That's why I have a pile of guitars in my house and only one car:D

If I had it to do all over again, I’d either have stomped my feet as a tween and coerced my parents into buying me a pre-factory PRS guitar during our many visits to Annapolis.... or I would just be really really into Ibanez guitars so I’d have money and didn’t have to drive a 2005 Mercury. :p
I've always loved this model! Why did you ruin it with a poster of Kiss in the background?

Well, Alan took a little time off, which meant you hadn't had a dose of Kiss for awhile. I was just trying to be helpful.
Any idea of the number of these produced? Since there’s two runs, are we only talking about 50?

That could be. Dude from MF just says "then we did a 2nd run", so that would lead me to believe another 25.

EDIT: This was before I saw Shawn's post with 50.
actually worth the wait ;)

outstanding, and love the grain patterns
I was copy/paste the info from MF so you didn't have to click the link. Turns out that was driving the errors.

I have noticed that the forum is broken for some specific characters, they really need to update this old and busted forum software =)
Duuuuuudddeeee! That is on my list of just pressing the buy button and considering the consequences later if I see one for sale. Nice score!